Squat Jumps – 2 Types of Squat Jumps to Get Your Superior Cardio and a Hard Fit Body!


What are squat jumps? Well, in short they involve you executing a form squat along with adding the dynamic movement of the jump at the upward phase of the squat. The most effective way to execute this drill is to do the jumps all in succession without stopping. This creates supreme muscular development, stability, body-control, explosive performance,fat-loss and overall fitness. Take a minute to read about the following 2 variations of this highly effective plyometric exercise.

1. Resisted Vertical Jumps: This is pretty much a normal squat jump with the addition of a form of resistance. You can create a resistance by holding dumbells, using a weighted vest, or some sort of resistance cord if you have access to that kind of equipment. You don’t need FANCY to get results. All you need is the know how! To start the drill stand with your feet at slightly wider than shoulder width distance. From here make sure you descend in your squat movement rapidly. You want to initiate this counter-movement by creating momentum with your body by dropping your hips, bending your knees, and swinging your arms down and behind your body. Once you have descended in this way you will immediately and explosively extend at your hips, knees, and arms to jump vertically as high as you can. If you are holding dumbells for resistance you obviously don’t swing your arms. Just keep them placed by your side.

2. Resisted Long Jumps: This particular jump is set up the same exact way as the vertical jump. The only difference here is that you are jumping forward for distance instead of jumping vertically for height. To execute this one efficiently you need to have a great deal of open flat space. The same forms of resistance can be applied to this drill as well.

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