Short Vigorous Cardiovascular Routines a Key to Boosting Weight Loss


We are always looking to learn better ways on how to lose weight. Weight loss, as we all know, is not a difficult practice by itself, but the discipline to maintain a healthy nutritional diet as well as daily exercise routine can be.

Note that I said the words can be. I say this because a recent study by the American Heart Association has confirmed that doing just twenty minutes of cardiovascular activity three days per week shows the same significant results as those who perform thirty minutes for five days a week.

Do you have twenty minutes a day for three days to dedicate to weight loss? I am going to say that you do. If you think that you do not, then start organizing the events of your day and you will see you can easily free up 20 minutes.

Here are some suggestions to start taking advantage of these new and wonderful recent results from the American Heart Association.

Pick a cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy and one that is easy for you to dedicate 20 minutes a day for three days out of your week. It can be biking, hiking, walking, running, jogging, the stair master and the list goes on and on.

Now that you have the exercise that you are going to do, I highly recommend you get yourself an MP3 player or an iPod and load it up with some of your favorite music, audio books or whatever gets you going. For me I like listening to Jimmy Buffet. What can I say I am a parrot head at heart.

With any exercise routine of course you should always consult with your physician prior to starting. Get an exam and get checked out and also start off slow! You are not training for the Olympics here, you are working your way up to a healthy new you.

As each day goes by increase the intensity level of the exercise that you are doing. For example, I walk first thing in the morning and within 20 minutes I can make it through my entire neighborhood two times. Next week I will try to make it two and a quarter, and then increase that distance each successive week. Eventually I will get to the point where my routine is very intense and that is the idea of a vigorous routine.

You of course will need to choose the exercise and means to measure your progress so you know you will be getting that vigorous activity. If you ever find yourself getting board with it, switch up the exercise to something else. I love to walk but if I find myself not wanting to do my walk I go ahead and take a bike ride. The important thing here is to do your 20 minutes.

So go ahead and load up your music and start your routine. You will be well on your way to a successful weight loss routine.

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Mr. Tucker is the senior editor forĀ Weight Loss Nation, an online weight loss resource where you can learn about various weight loss tips, tricks and techniques.

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