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Are you looking to lose weight fast? Are you tired of trying fad diets and getting nowhere? Often in life we find ourselves facing the dilemma of having to look good in a limited amount of time. It could be that you have been surprised with a last minute holiday or perhaps you have a wedding coming up and you really want to slim down to get into your perfect dress? Whatever the reason, so many people do struggle to lose weight quickly. So many fad diets claim to be able to help you to lose weight fast but unfortunately most of them tend to let you down. However, there is another way!

By taking part in aerobic and cardio exercise, it is possible to lose weight in as little as 10 days and it is much healthier for your body than taking part in a fad diet!

How Aerobic and Cardio Exercise Helps

If you are overweight and you want to get slim quickly then there really is no better way than taking part in cardio exercise. The main reason it works so well is because it gets the heart racing and it helps you to burn off fat a lot quicker than any other type of exercise.

Cardio and aerobic exercise can comprise of the following activities:

All of the above are excellent for losing weight and what you need to remember is that high intensity workouts will give you the fastest results. You can choose from either low intensity aerobic exercise such as walking, or you can choose high intensity workouts which will give better results such as running.

In order to find the right exercise to suit you, it is important that you experiment. Try a number of different activities and perhaps take part in a couple of different activities a week. For example, perhaps you could join an aerobics class on a Wednesday and take part in swimming on a Friday and running on Saturday? By doing high intensity workouts at least three times per week you should really see excellent results. Obviously if you do only have 10 days then you should try and do as much exercise as possible, though you should never overdo it. It would be worthwhile checking with a doctor to see how much exercise you can safely do.

Another secret to losing weight fast is to find an activity that you enjoy. High intensity workouts can be really hard going and so if you do not enjoy it you could easily give up and not put as much effort in as you should. By doing something that you like, you won’t notice how hard you are working out because you will be enjoying yourself too much. Dancing is a common interest that many women like and so it may be worth looking into dance classes.

If you are looking to lose weight quickly then high intensity cardio workouts are definitely recommended. They will give you the fastest results and the healthiest results too!

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