Cardio Exercises Will Melt Fat Fast – But Which Type is Best For You?


There are a lot of cardio exercises available in the world today and all of them are capable of burning that pesky body fat. But I bet you’re wondering which ones are ideal for burning off that extra body fat faster than usual? Are low intensity cardio workouts, such as walking, actually better at burning fat than the high intensity ones, like running?

The fact of the matter is that both low and high intensity cardio exercises are a tremendous help in burning off any unwanted body fat. The question you should be asking is which of these exercises are the most effective in burning off more body fat. In conjunction with this question, you need to find out what fat burning zone you’re actually in.

When the first reports regarding intensive cardio exercises came out from the mouths of scientists and researchers a while back, we discovered that the body burns lots of glycogen. Glycogen is one of the forms of carbohydrates that are stored within our muscles and our liver for body energy. It was discovered that during low intensive cardio exercises, like walking, your body burns body fat. After this theory was released, a lot of people suddenly made changes in their physical exercise routines, in order to incorporate a lot of low intensity routines, such as walking, to burn off their unwanted body fat.

Did it work? Well, with the amount of fat people still roaming the world, despite their vigorous physical exercise routines, it obviously didn’t quite work as planned. The question now is: why did it fail?

Although scientists were correct when they stated that a person’s body can burn more body fat while doing lower intensity exercises, like walking or leisurely swimming, high intensity, like running, can actually help the body burn a lot more calories. Even though the calories that are burned come from glycogen, people will still be capable of burning a lot of fat based calories in the process as well.

What’s even better is that, when the glycogen stored in your body is of a low amount, the carbohydrates from the meals that you eat will later turn into glycogen to fill up the body with what it needs to store and in the process will not turn into body fat, even when the energy is not used up.

Additionally, high intensity cardiovascular exercises tend to make your metabolism work faster, even after you have finished with your physical exercise routines. Even hours after you have left the gym, your body will continue to born more body fat. In accumulation, your body will then end up burning a ton more calories during and after each workout that you do compared to what you lose with lower intensity cardio exercises.

Adding high intensity cardio to your physical fitness workout is easy; just add some interval training to your routine. You can do some brisk walking for a mere five minutes, then take a break to jog for yet another five minutes. Then, you can continue your brisk walking until you catch your breath, then sprint for one minute before continuing to walk for an additional minute. Once you have done all of this, just keep alternating your routine from walking to sprinting for a minute each and do it for fifteen minutes until you feel you have worked out enough.

If you do this for five days a week, you will start losing all the unwanted body fat you wanted to lose and you will gain a natural and healthy weight, as well as a natural and healthy overall well-being.

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