Cardio-Exercises Designed For Beginners


Cardio-Exercise is important for the overall health of the individual. It is good for the healthy pumping of the heart and better working of the lungs. It also helps to loose weight and makes the individual free of all the unwanted fats.

There are a number of cardio exercises that are meant for the beginners. It depends on the person that which ones he want to perform and which ones are suitable for him. Cycling, running, swimming, aerobics, rowing, stair climbing and walking can be good examples of cardio exercises.

These exercises are very easy to perform and they carry a great positive impact on the body and the muscles. They help the individuals to extract the maximum benefit out of them with a least amount of input. These exercises are not tough at all and its fun working out these exercises. Here are some tips for the beginners, letting them know how to start with these exercises and how to manage them to have the best results:

1.Firstly you need to choose the exercise activity that you enjoy.

2.Start with any of your chosen exercises and take a rest between the workouts.

3.You need to begin with a light warm up of cardio of 7-10 minutes, this will help to increase your heart rate gradually.

4.Slowly increase your pace and the intensity of the exercise.

5.Spend as much time while exercising as you can, no matter if it is very less because if you would be consistent you will surely be able to spend more time on the workout in the future.

6.Try to end every session with very light cardio exercise.

7.At the end of the exercise try to stretch your body and muscles as it would help you to relax those muscles that you worked on. It will help you to avoid fatigue and burden on your muscles.

8.By the every next week, try to increase your exercise time. It can even be few minutes’ increase. Prolong it to at least 30 minutes of continuous workout daily.

9.Do not worry about your pace in the early days, just be consistent because it will automatically enhance your pace and your stamina in the upcoming weeks.

10. After 5-7 weeks of consistent workout, add another day of exercise and try to increase the intensity of your workout and increase your pace.

These ten points if kept in mind by the beginners would help him to extract the best out of the cardio exercises and would help him to be more fit and healthier.

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